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In other recent news, I have been off the bike for three weeks now, sidelined by a terrible respiratory bug which assaulted first my lungs, then my throat, and finally my sinuses. Normally I can shake off a cold pretty quickly, but this one was appalling. About half way through, I did a ride of less than 10km just to test how I was going, and came back exhausted and shaking, and feeling about double my age. Most of the family has had it in varying degrees. I hope we have now built up a decent resistance to it and won't see it again.

As you can imagine, this has put a serious dent in my training schedule. I was pretty thrilled with my progress: right before I caught the bug, I'd just made a 92km ride with the Powerbikers, and felt that I was really coming along with my overall fitness. Now I have to build up to that capacity all over again, and I'm SO frustrated. I think it will be a couple of weeks before I'm capable of going along on a Powerbikers ride again.

The plus side of this enforced rest is that my back has had a good chance to heal, and I've been pretty much pain free for two weeks, which is great. Unfortunately, when I got on the bike last weekend for another short ride, I immediately felt pain again, which pretty much confirms that there is a problem with my position on the bike. I will have to get this fixed asap.

The fundraising side of things is looking a bit worrying. I have a goal of £2000 on my JustGiving page, of which I've raised so far ... £40. (There is also a donation of US$25 to another Alzheimer's organisation.)

Given that there are only 42 days till my ride on The Glorious 25th of May, I'm getting anxious about whether I'm going to make my fundraising goal. Part of the problem is that I am terrible at promoting myself. I'm generally shy, embarrassed about drawing attention to myself, and not wanting to be a pest, which is not a good combination for getting a message out there and inspiring people. The other is that I haven't been talking about it much with people who know me face-to-face, concentrating my efforts online instead. I think most of the people where I live have absolutely no idea what I'm planning to do, which seems like a mistake to me. Well, I have six weeks (argh) to turn this around. I think I can still make my goal, but I'm going to have to do some seriously way out of my comfort zone stuff to get there (which should be a useful experience in itself). So ... er, here I go?

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